Handmade Resin Skulls and Shiny Noggins

acrylic resin skull black and foral resin skull gold resin skull pink resin skulls pressed flower resin skull resin and gold leaf skull sculpture white floral skull

Nonnock is a UK-based artists and sculptor who has a passion for creating a variety of resin skulls. Each skull is unique and can be bought from their Etsy shop with custom orders also available. 

Each skull has something original about it, from gold leaf to pressed flowers and acrylic paint to spray varnish. Each one is cast in a realistic looking resin skull with the details added on after to create some sexy skull sculptures. I have wanted to do similar stuff using a skull mold and various executions, but I have to admit that Nonnock has executed these brilliantly – when I have tried to paint one it is incredibly difficult to keep a steady hand.