Halloween Skull Mask Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching it’s time to start thinking of some ideas and if you are like us then I’m sure you don’t have any yet. So being skull lovers it seems only right that we represent! So here are a few Halloween skull Mask (face paint to follow) ideas we have collected that you can either  purchase or take inspiration from. There are of course many more skull masks out there so please feel free to add any links in your comments and we will be sure to check them out.

metal skull mask

Metal skull mask in case you get knifed or shot in the face. Normally used for Airsoft games but fuck it. Available from Evike for $89.99

death sock skull mask

Keep it traditional with this oddly named Death Sock Skull Mask from Caufields Novelty for $41.99

merimask skull mask

merimask skull dragon

leather skull mask

Great custom leather masks created by Merimask. Make sure to check out the other non skull designs as they are very nice indeed.

harlequin skull mask

Not available for sale or human size compatible but blady awesome skull mask idea from Kessen-Chu

sabertooth skull

Sabertooth skull by Miss Monster (sold out)

jason soles excarnate mask

Jason Soles Excarnate Mask available from his Etsy store for $500. Not sure his is for wearing but good idea if you can make similar from rubber latex.

mike loh punisher skull mask

Awesome punisher skull mask from Mike Loh (sold out)

deer skull mask

Go big or go home. Deer skull mask made from paper mache by Custom Fairy Wings

mistic unicorn skull mask

Mistic Unicorn custom Death Skull mask (not for sale)

dragon armoury skull mask

Metal-esque Horned Deaths ceremonial mask by Dragon Armoury (not for sale as far as I can see)

skeleton with neck skull mask

Throw in some more bones with this Skeleton with neck skull mask from Spirit Halloween for $29.99

fin skull mask

Pretty weird one aptly names Fin Skull Mask .$34.99 from Spirit Halloween

joji kojima

Simple elegance with this piece by Joji Kojima. I can’t find this piece for sale but if it was it would probably be around $1600 going by the store prices of some of the other pieces.

red skull mask

Red skull mask from Horror Emporium for £9.99. The same red freaky red skull dude from Captain America that I could not quite take seriously.

Ivory metal filigree skull mask

This metal filigree skull mask is definitely one of the finest skull masks I have seen. Created by Masque Boutique and costs £65. This will look amazing when worn or framed.

Haw Haw James skull mask

From one extreme to another with this watermelon mask from Haw Haw James.