Halloween Skull Special

We celebrated Halloween this last weekend, on the 27th, and it was fricken amazing. 5 parties, 1 Night, loads of Halloween costumes and 1 massive hangover. I went as Rude Boy Skeletor while my girlfriend, Sharona, went as Skeletor’s Mistress. D2G, the other half of SAS went as a Just Turned Zombie – he probably wanted to do a skull costume but that would mean I would have to paint the skull and it would be a complete disaster if I’m honest.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We hope you have a spectacularly gruesome day 🙂

We also asked you to send it pictures of your Halloween Skulls so I’m going to do a post to show you some of the skulls we found and captured plus will show you the few that have been sent it by you. There is still time to send us your skulls so send them to bonehead@theskullsociety.com

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Here are a number of Halloween Skulls found by us and you.

Rude Boy Skeletor - Halloween Skull

Halloween Group Photo - S5A, D2G & C3G

Skeletors Hallloween Mistress

Day of the Dead Skull with Norma

Skull Couple

Ashley's skull face paint

Ashley's painted sugar skull