Haas Style Art

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Every now and again I’m blown away by someone’s incredible imagination. This is one of those times. Whilst posting about Scourgee999 I saw that he posted about a guy called Haas Style Art and his wondorous skulls.

Haas Style Art is is art name for Chris Hass and he man behind these amazing and wholly weird skulls. His signature style come from the way he adds swirling mounds of clay, cartoon-esque eyes and otherworldly colours. From what I can tell the base skulls are a mixture of replica and/or real.(like replica skulls from Skull Shoppe)

Hass states that he re-animates skulls to bring them back into our dimension. But for me , I think the skulls are re-animated and born again into a different realm of fantasy filled with his curious creatures. A place I would surely like to visit but in the meantime he has a wicked Insta account to peruse.