H.R. Giger

Ever since first seeing the work of HR Giger when I was about 12 I have been a fan of his darkly works and no, this was not solely down to his lurid biomech porn landscapes. If the name Giger does not ring any bells for you, then just think ‘Alien’ as this is the guy who designed that melon head death machine in the film franchise Alien and pretty much all aspects of the Alien culture.

Giger creates all his large paintings with airbrush and the image below is one of the first paintings that drew me to his dark work. I only found out when writing this post that this was a design for an album cover for ELP called Brain Salad Surgery. It is also quite a clever design as the window on the skull that shows a women’s mouth is another layer underneath.

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Image found on The Dark Elf Filehr_giger_at_work