Gottfried Helnwein


Most of the photos I have seen of artist Gottfried Helnwein have been him wearing a bandana and more often than not it’s a skull bandana. Going from that I would expect to find more skulls present in his work. However we only found one to share with you (excluding his ever present bandana).


This portrait photograph Marilyn Manson shows him with a subtle skull-esque face painting. Ok, I may be stretching there a little but there is no denying that this rates as one of the most sinister images I have seen of Marilyn.

Gottfried’s themes are a mixture of innocence, death and the evil nature of humans (not all of course). The dead and bloodied bodies of serene looking children are particularly disturbing. Even the seemingly calm, clean and beautiful images still feel chilling. I feel the same way when I drink milk that has just turned, where it tastes good enough do drink but something is not quite right.

Gottfried Helnwein creates these gargantuan images from photographs, that he sometimes paints over. Gottfried also tends to sketch the loose boundaries of an image from a larger projected image and then continues to paint from ‘scratch’.

Whatever he does, he does it well.