Gerrard King Skull T-shirts

SAS welcomes back the talented and diverse Gerrard King with his new range of skull t-shirts. You will have seen these skulls before as we have posted about them in the past. I must admit, when I initially saw these skulls, I thought they were all skull photographs with images digitally added. Turns out I was wrong (well one was) and in fact Gerrard has no need for digital shortcuts as he can pretty much paint anything, from hyper real to insane surreal.

These skull t-shirts (mens and ladies), all printed on black can be bought from his online store (based in Australia) for $40. So that’s about £25 and $38 US, with international postage calculated at checkout (I just bought one now, so UK postage is just under a tenner). Pretty much you are buying a skull art print on a t-shirt. Get in.

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