Freaky Collection of Doll Oil Paintings

The dark and slightly sinister doll oil paintings of Shawn Barber made me an instant fan. Of course he would not be here at the home of skulls if he did not have some of our bony friends. What makes these skulls slightly uneasy is that the majority of them are babies skulls or the skulls of baby dolls of they had any. I quite like the transition of the dolls head from normal to skull, with all the layers ‘removed’.

Shawn’s main focus is painting, portraits and documenting the culture of tattoos. This man has an immense talent and yo can check out more of his work at his website or nab one of his books called ‘Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits ‘ for $60.(shipping only in USA)

doll_oil_painting_1 doll_oil_painting_2 doll_oil_painting_3 doll_oil_painting_4doll_oil_painting_7 doll_oil_painting_6 doll_oil_painting_5