Fractal Skulls on Kickstarter

These skulls combine two natural wonders, the marvel of human anatomy and fractals, into a single piece of art. These elegant pieces are anatomically correct human skulls decorated with fractals–computer generated patterns found everywhere in nature.

Each skull begins as a digital, 3D model of a human skull. The skull is wrapped in a fractal design, 3D printed and finished with a high-gloss, protective coating. The result is an elegant, eye-catching, porcelain-like model ready to display on your desk, mantle, shelf, as your own unique holiday or home-decor. You’ll be part of the cool group at work with this on your desk. Each piece is a work of art inspired by nature and created through modern technology.

The project is by the team at WhiteClouds. This post was taken from their Kickstarter page.

Fractals: Nature’s Art

Fractals help us study and understand important scientific concepts, such as the way bacteria grows, patterns in freezing water (snowflakes), brain waves, etc. Fractals can be seen everywhere in nature. Look closely at a pinecone, ferns, a seashell, lightening, or the feathers of a peacock. They are all beautiful fractals creating artwork on the canvas of nature.

These naturally-occurring patterns that create fractals can also be created through computer algorithms. The art for each skull is generated by these sophisticated algorithms.

Skulls: Life and Mortality

The human skull has carried strong connotations for ages. The skull has symbolized life and the embodiment of consciousness and at the same time reminds us of our own mortality. Combining the mortal skull with the infinite fractal creates an intriguing art piece.

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