Fantasy Art by Guan-Yu Chen A.K.A Kyzylhum

Yet more great Deviant art to grace our SAS walls is the fantasy art of Kyzylhum . Apart from drawing images of the super badass Spawn or the dynamic duo of Daft Punk she also has some lovely skull figures dotted about in her collection.

This Taiwanese fantasy artist wields the brush just as well in the digital realm as she does in the real, which is always a great thing to see.

Fantasy_Art_by_kyzylhum_spawn_1 Fantasy_Art_by_kyzylhum_x-ray-dance Fantasy_Art_by_kyzylhum_5 Fantasy_Art_by_kyzylhum_king-of-death Fantasy_Art_by_kyzylhum_3 Fantasy_Art_by_kyzylhum_4