Failed Lobotomy

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It’s quite horrifying to think that there was once a time that a sharp metal rod and hammer were used in a neurosurgical procedure. I’m referring to a lobotomy. This may sound more than a little lame but I found this out watching the film ‘Sucker Punch’ . I thought it was electro therapy like in movie The One Who Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Read more on Wicki about this terrible procedure.

‘Failed Lobotomy’ is a brass metal sculpture, that depicts a macabre twist on the procedure. This gruesome lobotomy depics the ‘orbitoclast’ (modified ice pick) bursting through the back of the skull. In reality physician would hammer the pick through the patients eye socket. The pick would then be moved from side to side. This action was to separate the frontal lobes from the thalamus. Yeah it’s fucking grim.

This macabre skull sculpture is for sale on Museum Oddities for $699. The skull is life size and very heavy.