Exploding Skull Sculpture

We get so many emails from skull artists across the globe, and I am finding it hard to get back to everyone in a timely fashion so apologies about that! Every now and then though we get send an absolute gem and this explosive skull sculpture, titled Murcian Metalmorphosis 2013, has been created by Antonio Del Prete. The technique used to create the skull is mind-blowingly insane – it must have taken ages!! I wish I had the patience to do something similar…

This has been taken from Antonio’s website, which you can view here:

“This skull’s structure is cast from a real human head and made of hard, unbreakable plastic. It has been “gilt” (the techniques for applying fine Gold leaf) with multiple layers of EPL genuine 24 Karats gold leaf. The skull was completely disarticulated into 22 pieces for the gilding process and reassembled on a stand with movable joints that allows for the bones to be studied as a whole, or as individual parts.

The sculpture is presented on a circular, one inch thick, Black Galaxy marble base with a diameter of 17 inches. The brass stand is made of four movable parts.

Dimensions : 23” x 17” inches”

Murcian Metalmorphosis skull sculpture

skull broken up in pieces side profile of skull side view of skull back of skull skull detail