The Evolution Store

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The Evolution Store is somewhere I would certainly love to visit if only I lived a  little closer. A lot closer actually, as this curious store is in Soho, Manhattan (we live in London). Their store offers a “museum quality atmosphere” with wall to wall collectibles, artifacts and natural history objects.

Amongst all the insects, taxidermy and oddities you can find skulls lurking here and there. The Evolution Store sells a range of real and replica skulls including two much sought after and rare  Beauchene Skulls. (exploded skulls on wire and struts) Our friend and supporter Noah Scalin from Skull a Day even had a recent book signing there.

It also appears that their replica skulls are supplied by Bone Clones. We have featured Bone Clones before and you may recall that they have a staggering array of replicas skulls available.

Visit The Evolution Store