DZO Olivier

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I had literally, yes literally pull myself away from my computer screen lest I spiral too far down the twisted rabbit hole that is the imagination of DZO Olivier.

His creations are truly mesmerizing , where figures, plants, objects and animals meld into one fascinating landscape. As you can tell he is heavily influenced by witchcraft, religion and the occult. DZO Olivier’s style is reminiscent of heavily drawn etchings and manuscripts. Though I believe his work lies in another realm of madness.

When I first saw the the image below I was of course really impressed. After seeing the process photo (2nd image below) of how he created the drawing with tiny nibbed pens my jaw duly slammed onto the desk.



Skulls may not be the main focus of his drawings but they certainly appear frequently enough for DZO Olivier to join the SAS fold.

You can check out more of DZO Olivier’s work on Behance or Instagram.