Double Vision Art Exhibition


If you are not going to give yourself a plug then what the hell is the point of running your own blog 🙂 We as, Mr Four Fingers, have been invited to take part in Mr Gresty’s latest exhibition at the Lauriston Pub in London – DOUBLE VISION.

True to MFF style we have created a bad ass skull.


Opening night of Double Vision is this Friday, the 7th March, and it opens at 7pm at The Lauriston pub. If you don’t like art, you should at least come for the pizza. The exhibition features work from 15 artists, who each received an open brief: Double-Vision for the thirsty & illiterate. Some pubs are hundreds of years old and many of their early customers were illiterate, but luckily they could recognise picture signs. This brief went out to a number of upcoming artists, illustrators and print makers in the London area (I think). The target of ‘Double-Vision’ is to create a strong image that brings together two things that a thirsty and illiterate onlooker could identify.

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Our piece is called Skull ‘n’ Dagger.