Deaths-head Hawkmoth

Deaths-head_Hawkmoth_1 Deaths-head_Hawkmoth_2

There rare times that deciding to buy something is instant. This amazing Deaths-head Hawkmoth was one of the times.

Most of us will re-call this moth from the gruesome film, ‘Silence of the Lambs’. The killer from the film bred Deaths-head Hawkmoth’s (is there a correct term with regards to moths?) . This amazing moth is also featured on the film’s poster. A little known fact (posted on our blog previously) is that that ‘skull’ on moth from the film poster was doctored to look like Salvador Dali’s ‘In Voluptate Mors’. A skull Dali created from naked women.

The Deaths-head Hawkmoth are fairly large with a vaguely human skull shaped pattern on the thorax. They have the ability to emit a loud squeak when irritated and have been known to raid beehives for honey! They move about undisturbed as they emit as they mimic the scent of bees.Read more on Wiki

This particular specimen was purchased from Curiosities from the 5th Corner. We have been following them in Instagram for awhile now as they are always posting amazing things. We will be sure to follow up with another post that tell you more about them .