DEATH™ on Valentine’s Day – 14 February to 29 March 2015

death cigarretes exhibition

death cigarretes“Cigarettes Rule. They deliver every time. They’ll also kill you. It’s a money back guarantee.” – BJ Cunningham

HINTERLANDGALLERY presents DEATH™ Cigarettes from the Enlightened Tobacco Company PLC: an exhibition of the twentieth century’s most honest, provocative and confrontational product campaign.

DEATH™ Cigarettes were launched in the UK in 1991 and sold originally in black soft packaging printed with a white skull and crossbones. Later products included DEATH™ Lights (marketed as Slow DEATH™), and DEATH™ Shag. Bold, no nonsense designs clearly stated the product’s ethos; “Manufacturer’s advice: Cigarettes are addictive and debilitating. If you don’t smoke don’t start.” “It’s Your funeral” and “Too bad, You’re gonna die.”


HINTERLANDGALLERY’s exhibition will be featuring the only two known surviving original ‘ADSHELL’ posters from the ‘suppressed’ 1994DEATH™ Cigarettes poster campaign, original ‘DEATH™ Trap’ vending machines, early original artwork designed for DEATH™ Cigarettes original website homepage and other DEATH™ related products.

  • DEATH™ runs from 14 February to 29 March 2015
  • Hinterland Gallery, 65 The Old High Street, Folkestone , KENT CT20 1RN