Death by Dodkin – Mosaic Skulls

Death_by_Dodkin_7 Mosaic Skulls Death_by_Dodkin_6 Mosaic Skulls Death_by_Dodkin_5 Mosaic Skulls Death_by_Dodkin_4 Death_by_Dodkin_3 Death_by_Dodkin_2 Death_by_Dodkin_1

I’m not entirely sure what the term ‘Death by Dodkin’ means (surname?) but what I am sure of is the superb array of amazing mosaic skulls in the Dodkin gallery.

These mosaic skulls were created by Jaclyn, originally from Melbourne Australia, who showed an early childhood fascination for mosaics. Many years later she purchased a longhorn skull and covered it with glass tiles and so the obsession began!

Jaclyn works mainly with Roe Deer skulls now and a whole stash of Swarovski crystals.