Dead Cosmonauts and Skulls


cosmonaut_by_bradwright dead cosmonautsspaceman_with_no_face__by_bradwright dead cosmonauts taciturn_by_bradwright-d5ux69u skeleton_study_by_bradwright-d850k47 painting171_by_bradwright dead cosmonauts painting_57_by_bradwright-d4u7073 painting_104_by_bradwright-d7iy7qa fragmented_skull2_by_bradwright-d84gu0t fragmented_skull_by_bradwright-d84g460

One never gets tired of dead cosmonauts, especially when they are done this well. There is something I find deeply frightening about being lost in space. Drifting through emptiness, slowly dying. As the famous film tagline goes ” In space no one can sell ice-cream”. Wait hold on…I mean “In space no one can hear you scream”.

This first image in this post of space death is called ‘Cosmonaut’ and is created by Bradley Wright. Well actually all these dead cosmonauts and other skulls are all created by the same fella. It seems that the term ‘Cosmonaut’ is simply the Russian name given to what Americans call ‘Astronauts’.

A really interesting fact about the word ‘Astronaut’ is that is derived from the Greek words astron, meaning “star”, and nautes, meaning “sailor”. I find that rather poetic.

(More about Astronauts on Wiki)

Brad Wright is a concept artist who was born in Durban South Africa, grew up in Ireland and now lives in Sweden.