Dark Skull Illustrations by Defame

Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_5 Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_6 Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_7 Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_2 Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_3 Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_4 Defame_7 Defame_Dark_Skull_Illustrations_1 Defame_4 dark skull illustrations Defame_3 dark skull illustrations

I was first introduced to the dark skull illustrations by Defame a few years back on the hugely successful Design by Humans. There was good banter and of course some great skull action. Since then I have seen Defame’s skills grow and evolve which is always a good thing to see.

A few of his pieces have more ‘layers’ than first meets the eye. For instance the sectioned  skull illustrations are actually layered up physically on card which is then mounted onto treated watercolour paper. The final result means the skull appears to float in the frame.

Dafeme has a great Insta account which I recommend following if you are into skulls (well thats why you are here right!). He recently completed a massive project which depicted a skull that slowly gets covered in tendrils, as the moon changes phases. That meant he drew one skull for each phase. Yes, I’m sure Defame’s hand is still recovering from that beasting.

Defame creates most of his dark skull illustrations with a mixture of graphite, ball point pen, micron pen and white ink pen.