Dan Quintana

tumblr_mtjoloxeuD1qeju05o1_400 tumblr_md7rki26ZK1qdqi1go1_500Dan Quintana 1 tumblr_lxo995TNi01qdqi1go1_500 Bearer2_am

Some absolutely stunning paintings from Dan Quintana. Having a look through his Tumblr I found an image of a woman and what seems to be a loose ink skeleton clutching her from behind, which I quite like. Turns out this was the concept for a final piece, which you can see above with the blue hair. There is also the addition of an ominous skull placed at the womens feet, under her dress.

Whether it’s a sketch or final painting it seems that Dan, hailing from Los Angeles, is a force to be reckoned with. Check out his Instagram feed, Quintanarte, for more lush work.