Concept Art by Arash Radkia

Radkia_4 Radkia_3 Radkia_2 Radkia_1 Arash_Radkia_3_Concept_Art Arash_Radkia_4_Concept_Art Arash_Radkia_2_Concept_Art Arash_Radkia_1_Concept_Art

I have a growing fascination for concept art whether its crisp hand drawn images or digital imaginings. One weaving thread that I like to see passing through these creations is art created in a painterly style. By that I mean you can see the brush stokes, things feel loose and fresh, like an idea coming to life.

Arash Radkia
is one such concept artist working in the realm of digital media. Now with most artists there will be an innate ability to draw in real life as well as digitally. Sometimes the digital ‘look’ can be a crutch or overbearing in perfection. This can detract from the art. That is of course my own opinion.

has maintained that amazing freshness with his concept art. His visions are full of lush textures, menacing shadows and imposing figures