Closer Skull Print by Mr Four Fingers

This is one of our earlier skull prints available to buy through the Street Anatomy store. The print is called ‘Closer’ and features 2 skulls facing each other framed in a heart.

The illustration was inspired by ONE, where two skulls become one, which Street Anatomy liked so much they approached us to produce a limited edition print to sell exclusively through their online shop. We happily obliged.

The skulls used in ONE, the original idea, were created using water based paints which created a washed out feel and we struggled to capture the detail when printing. D2G recreated the skull print illustration from scratch using graphite and digital colouring.

The print is giclee printed on Matt Litho Realistic paper which is really smooth, like compressed chalk, and holds the colour really well. Pixley Print House are the talent behind the printing.

CLOSER is limited to 20 prints.

Prints are $40 each

*The third image is what the print looks like when framed – we’ve cut it down into a square to fit the frame.

Visit Street Anatomy’s Shop to Buy the Print

Closer Skull Print

Skull print detail

The colours are more punchy than the above photo as the light was quite cold.

Closer skull print framed

Visit Street Anatomy’s Shop to Buy the Print