Choas Rules Skull GIF by Mr Four Fingers

chaos rules skull gif

After our recent skull GIF post I figured we should give it a shot with one of our skull designs from Mr Four Fingers. This is our first skull GIF and honestly if I stare at it too long I feel kinda sick, hahahahaha. Look forward to creating some better ones with skulls and laser beams and cats getting blasted by said laser beams. We shall see what ideas Craig, the other half of MFF and SAS (well 1/3) throws my way as he has been the GIF groupie so far.

The black and white version of this skull does exist as a fine art print called Chaos Rules, measuring 30cm x 40cm If you are interested in buying a print then make sure to visit our Mr Four Fingers shop can grab on for £40. Better yet , use discount code CHAOSGIFT for £5 off. Boom.