Charcoal and Golden Skulls by Joseph Loughborough

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Joseph Loughborough, a British Artist, is able to reach into the dark corners of your mind with these moirbid yet enticing charcoal drawings. There is a definite loneliness portrayed in his work, and a feeling of melancholy which draws you in. The subjects of his drawings seem to be crying out for help, only no-one can.

Drawing inspiration from various themes concerned with Camus/Kierkegaard’s notion of ‘Absurdity’. Each drawing becomes story pursuing a standing point within the concept. Honesty, expressionism and possibly exorcism can be read from Loughborough’s impulsive and intuitive rapid-fire mark making, which strive to grasp a comprehension of the human condition.
I have only just discovered Joseph’s work and already I am a fan, definitely without a shadow of doubt he’s one of the more impressive British artists I have seen recently. Be sure to visit his website here to see Joseph Loughborough’s entire collection of recent work.