One of my favourite apparel brands, AnyForty, known for their collaborative illustrative work, have this wicked skull in their closet. Duo De La Muerte is a colourful skull creation by the talented Tom Mac and is available as a pullover hoody. There

It goes without saying that we love a good skull and although we share lots of cool skulls from the art industries we do like to throw random skull-themed stories and other unique skulls we find online, and this skull hair and make-up is deserved of

  Right, so I've been pretty busy organising our upcoming skull exhibition, CELEBRABRIS VITAE, so haven't had time to do a proper skull post. So here is a another selection of crazy skull gifs to feed your macabre soul. Found on Tumblr, so unknown artist. The World's largest Gummy Skull weighs in at an impressive 5 pounds, is 100% edible and contains a staggering 7000 calories. I will have 2 please. Gummy Skull is handmade in USA and is available in cherry, raspberry and grape for $39.99. This is same website

  These skull creations by Vlad Gradobyk are both beautiful and disturbing. The disturbing element may come from the fact that we rarely see the skulls of babies/toddlers used in illustrations. It's  a macabre reminder of a very young

As skulls can't speak, it is up to clever human beings, science, observation and a fair amount of 'well maybe' hypotheses to find out what they would say. One such case was the skull of a 14 year old girl from Jamestown 1609/1610 that

I have heard the term ' reverse graffiti' before, when instead adding marks (spray paint, paint etc) you actually remove areas of dirt to create your image. Selective cleaning if you will. So that puts the police in a strange position as you are not vandalising

If you ever watched the movie Blind Fury and thought 'Fuck yeah I want a walking stick sword' then look no further. Not only does this walking stick come with an optional blade but the stick is also topped with one good looking sterling silver

  Let's mix together a few of my favourite things - skulls, whiskey, coffee and style - and what do you get? This amazing and beautifully packaged Espresso Smith’s Whiskey Barrel Coffee. This extract was taken from Whiskey Barrel Coffee's website. "Our famous Whiskey Barrel Coffee

Andrey Skull is a Bulgarian tattoo artist with a ridiculous talent for drawing and an especially keen talent for drawing skulls. All his drawings are created with mechanical pencil (0.5 lead). I imagine most have have been converted

Most of the photos I have seen of artist Gottfried Helnwein have been him wearing a bandana and more often than not it's a skull bandana. Going from that I would expect to find more skulls present in his work. However we only found one

THE BIG BOSS MAN is a giclee print from the design studio, I LOVE DUST. A multi-disciplinary studio founded back in 2003 they create fresh, award-winning and innovative design. Their illustration work is awe-inspiring and their website is banging too. The Big Boss Man £48.00 - £65.00 High quality giclee print