Barbara Smith, a talented artist, designer and general creative thinker has been working on some pretty cool skulls. Her current collaborations include working with LENAKLAX and UNEL and New York Magazine "Papercut" describes Barbara Smith as a "Rising Artist of the Globe". We're thrilled to be able to

  Been looking for and buying skull rings your whole life but never found the perfect one? Well Alvaro Perez at Puro Metal has done just that and has now designed "the perfect skull". This chunky handmade silver skull ring with a selection of finishes is perfect

Original, hand painted, realistic skull sculpture.  Each one of these hand crafted, plaster skulls is uniquely painted by an artist from LA Collective, recently formed to represent emerging California Artists. The Skull, dripping with bold colors, embodies the macabre with a street sensibility. Each skull is hand painted

We all love a good skull ring and I think we've found one of our favorites. These incredible rings done by Opened Jesus are definitely done right! Opened Jesus is a Los Angeles based accessory company designing one of a kind skull rings modeled off of