We are, of course, great fans of the comic book bad guy Red Skull. But it seems our level of admiration for Red Skull falls far short with that of Henry Damon’s unadulterated fascination. This Venezuelan man has taken body modification to an extreme with

This Killer Skull Illustration is by artists and tattoo artist - Marcus Manfredi. A humble talent, Marcus still refers to himself as an ‘Amateur Tattooer’, currently working out of Black Barock Tattoo in Barcelona. Marcus enjoys drawing and painting in addition to tattooing. His other passion

Otto Da'Ambra, a London-based tattoo and artist, has started to make a name for himself with his stunning etchings. His tattoo work is simply mind-blowing and when transferred onto paper goes it continues to impress. His skull etching's represent some of the best

Some pretty cool looking skull drawings from the talented Dino Tomic. Dino is an illustrator and tattoo artist from Norway with a penchant for drawing amazing eyes and film star portraits. He drew a great owl and skull design that he also tattooed. Skilled

This Tattooed Leather Skull, by Dionne Marshall from Punctured Artefact, is called ‘Rhythm of life’ and was featured at our skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae. It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible) set within a geometric hourglass and falling sand. Alongside a few

I got myself another tattoo this weekend and I had to share my skull mandala tattoo with you ya'll. The design of the tattoo was inspired by a picture Mr Four Fingers drew for me for my birthday and I replaced the circle bit with

We've been posting quite a few skull tattoo designs lately but it's hard not to see why  when there are so many amazing pieces to share! This beautifully intricate skull tattoo design was created by Amsterdam-based artist, Beazarility (the tattoo done on himself - pictured), and tattoo'd by

Large back piece skull tattoos like these will never cease to amaze me. This particular skull tattoo was by Carlos Torres and his version has me imaging that that person died peacefully and now their skull lies peacefully amongst the blooming roses. Carlos has been tattooing

I really like these skull tattoos by Jun Cha for their almost watercolour aesthetic. The structural shapes and facets are reminiscent of greek statues (and there are statues) which I adore for their simplicity and strength. Tattoos of this

I find this hand skull tattoo curious becuse it's one of those tattoos that only make sense when you place your hand on your face for whatever reason. Saying that it does make you double take and it is pretty cool looking. Found uncredited so if

I'm pretty much gobsmacked at this huge skull tattoo and is definitely one of the largest have seen. This image was found on various Pinterest/tumblr accounts with no credit so if you know who created the tattoo art then please do let us know in the comments

We love Batman. We love skulls. And we love tattoos, so this really is checking all the boxes! Not much else too say except that I wish I had the balls to get this type of tattoo and I'm so happy that Inked Mag credited