We all love a good skull ring and I think we've found one of our favorites. These incredible rings done by Opened Jesus are definitely done right! Opened Jesus is a Los Angeles based accessory company designing one of a kind skull rings modeled off of

Skull Beer Bong will make any party one to, uh, not remember. I for one have actually never tried a beer bong but this skull contraption could change my mind. You can purchase this creepy Skull Beer Bong from Fun World for a mere $7.79. Found

Remember Four is a a pocket sculpture, by Kpavio, which incorporates a Breitling watch to remind us that nothing is eternal. "Mors ultima linea rerum est" Death is the last boundary-string of things Th inscription in Latin translates that the pocket watch is protected by the cranes

These x-ray skull cards will definitely add extra mystery to the next poker night and will make you think twice about bluffing. It is slightly unnerving to be able to see through your cards and this would definitely add an extra layer of tension. Each of

This is Full Throttle, a rather unusual skeleton coffee table, and Skelemental's first piece of furniture. Full size skeleton busts, one being strangled by the other. Bronze skeletons on a brushed steel base. Limited edition of just three sculptures. Pretty amazing talent here!

Here is a load of spray painted skulls by Boy-Girl tees. These guys have a store full of curious objects, some vintage and some re-purposed with layers and swirls of spray paint. Fetch a skull for yourself for about £20 from

It may not be Damien Hirst's  'For the Love of God' but this shiny skull is pretty cool all the same. This Metallic Skull costs only $29.95 and is available from Z Gallerie. Originally found on Apartment Therapy

SKULL LED LIGHT YORICK BLACK available at ARQ 4 DESIGN This Skull Led Light design by Viviana Furlanetto, is the business and I expect you, being the skull-loving person you are, love it too. Yorick‘s light shines from within, cutting a line through the ceramic exterior, creating the

CALL FOR ARTISTS – WE NEED YOUR SKULLS JOIN US AT OUR UPCOMING SKULL EXHIBITION – CELEBRABIS VITAE – ON 31ST OCTOBER 2014 We would like to invite all skull artists to submit work for our upcoming skull show and exhibition titled CELEBRABIS VITAE (Celebrate life) which takes place on the 31st October

This skull sqube is a gunmetal grey and is a , well I guess it's an ornamment. Though this one cleverly interlocks to form a larger skull thing! It measures 4x4x4" and will set you back $44.99 from Rotofugi Originally found on Vinyl Pulse

No game of poker would be the same for a serious skull lover without playing with a deck of skull cards. Or it it could add an eerie edge to playing SNAP with your niece. It would be cool to see a