We have been following BioWorkz on Instagram for a while now and I have been dying to do a blog about these beautiful skulls. I am sucker for this style of illustration and the work is similar to two of my other

There rare times that deciding to buy something is instant. This amazing Deaths-head Hawkmoth was one of the times. Most of us will re-call this moth from the gruesome film, ‘Silence of the Lambs’. The killer from the film bred Deaths-head Hawkmoth’s (is there a

Can you believe that this is an oil painting?! The piece, entitled Gravity, was a commissioned piece of artwork for the Deviant artist Patrick Kramer. The reason I'm posting this is because of the sweet skull wallpaper he has created in the painting. Looking at this

We were recently contacted by the talented Nicola Murray De Jager, a fellow South African artist with a passion for creating great embroidered skulls. Nicola creates these uniquely beautiful skulls and sells them under the name of Calavera These embroidered skulls are available in mainly two

Jacky Tsai, a designer who used to work for Alexander McQueen, is currently working on his own fashion line. These decorative floral skulls are stunning and are part of a larger body of work which includes a number of prints, sculptures and drawings. We're glad to see

Mr Tree, Joseph Motas, is a Spanish designer currently living in Barcelona. He has a very diverse portfolio ranging from simple pattern making to lighting and furniture design. One of the styles which sets him apart is his patterns and the repitition of these which