Just across the pond in Nashville Tennesse, are friends of ours who decided to take the plunge and commit their lives to each for all time - congrats BTW. These are their engagement photos, and I'm sure you would agree are definitely a thousand times better

  Amongst the horde of small creatures with sharp fangs, fur and large staring eyes you will find these fantastic looking skull masks. These death mask creations made by Santani. As I mentioned Santani, who resides in Russia, mainly creates amazingly detailed creatures that are adorable.

So we figured it was time that we collected a whole bunch of skulls together again and this time we decided on Skull Movie Posters. They are in no specific order and this is not the most comprehensive list of all skull movie posters ever

This seemingly benign mask from Papua New Guinea (1801-1910) is actually made from a real human skull. As you can see the front has a jovial face and the back is sections of a human skull pieced together. You would literally be wearing someone's face. Maybe

I always think it's a bother to wear a mask for fancy dress, mainly because I get sweaty and I can't drink my beer. Then there are exceptions to the case when I see a gory skull mask such as this badass creation by Ghoulish

I wonder what the reaction would be if you turned up at one of those fantasy/medieval battles they have in parks (not actually sure where), wearing this skull helm , kitted out in full armour astride a massive warhorse. Shitting all round I'm guessing. This amazing

This bizarre typewriter skull was created by artist Jeremy Mayer. The skull is titled Skull I and is made from vintage typewriter parts. As with all of Jeremy's creations, the skull was assembled with various typewriter parts and are bent, screwed and bolted into place - no welding

Whilst stumbling about on the net I found this creepy looking guy called The Skull Man, who is the main character in a Shōnen manga series created by Shotaro Ishinomori in 1970. It caused a sensation as The Skull Man was the first of the

Some interesting behind the scenes process images from Chop Shop on Halloween Forum for his Hissing Skull sculpture. Even though I don't sculpt I always find these sorts of things interesting. The latter images show the latex mould of the initial sculpture.  

Death: A Self Portrait is an exhibition currently on show at the Welcome Collection in London and is from a collection of works from Richard Harris. The exhibition has been running since November and will be closing its doors on the 24th February 2013 -

With Halloween fast approaching it's time to start thinking of some ideas and if you are like us then I'm sure you don't have any yet. So being skull lovers it seems only right that we represent! So here are a few Halloween skull Mask

If you have ever played Modern Warfare 2 then you will be aware of a character called Ghost that wears an ominous skull mask / balaclava. Alright for a character in a game but some folk have the idea that it's cool to wear in

Found this amazing Mickey Mouse Skull on Sick of the Radio and had to share. Would love to see a series of these with Donald Duck, Goofy and the rest of the crew. IF you know who created this skull please let us know. We'd like