These delightful cardboard-cutout skeleton mannequins are from Hans Boodt, a Dutch-based, global mannequin supplier. The main skeleton mannequin, or dude as we call him, goes by the name of KNAAPJE. A true gent and scholar obviously.

Off the back of another successful project called 'We Love Kicks,' Nike commissioned Marcelo Schultz to create more magical graphic design - this time in the form of sneakers as skulls. The brief to "“Create a skull in a highly dimensional and

If you are going to venture into the world of fantasy, battling who the fuck knows what, then you had better suit up with some fine looking skull armour. These skull armour creations are created by Dragon Armoury and are used for various LARP events

We've launched an online skull shop through our Skull Appreciation Society blog and we have just been making sure that everything is in working order before doing a big announcement. These skull bracelets are a few of the new additions to the shop and have

I found this skull cane, or walking stick, on Pinterest. It is pretty cool and if I ever needed one as I got older it would defo look something like this. [I have tried to find the source for this image but haven't been able

Here's another skull by us, Mr Four Fingers, and this time in the form of a t-shirt design called Bittersweet. We were invited to join the Maison Twenty collective to design some t-shirts for their collection and we obviously had to do a skull one.

If you've ever been to London then you'll know that one of these skull umbrellas is an essential piece of kit when trying to stay warm. You could need one at any time of any season - chances of rain are pretty good. Both can be

This crochet skull shawl may not keep you very warm but at least you will be cool. Not sure who created this crochet skull shawl as I found it on numerous Pinterest and Tumblr accounts that didn't feature the artist name or where you can

Jacky Tsai, a designer who used to work for Alexander McQueen, is currently working on his own fashion line. These decorative floral skulls are stunning and are part of a larger body of work which includes a number of prints, sculptures and drawings. We're glad to see

We love it when our fellow skull lovers send us their skulls. This post will feature a variety of skulls sent in by you - keep 'em coming and we'll keep posting the best and coolest skulls from around the world. Archer's Gold by Ric O'Shea Carved

Death: A Self Portrait is an exhibition currently on show at the Welcome Collection in London and is from a collection of works from Richard Harris. The exhibition has been running since November and will be closing its doors on the 24th February 2013 -

We are giving away the Book of Skulls to one lucky skull lover. The book, which we've blogged about before, is by Faye Dowling and includes a brief history of skulls in art and also loads of images of beautiful skull creations too. *UPDATE - 18/01/2013:

Jirat Patradoon is an Australian artist/illustrator/graphic designer. His skull-based graphic art is bold, colourful, very striking and is a take on the 'stoic nature of macho pop culture,' which is a quote taken directly from Jirat's website. He creates character-styled visual art of fictional worlds

What better way to clad your feet than in some Iron Fist Bonebreaker Skull Platforms. However it may be little uncomfortable for me to wear initially but sacrifices can be made. These skull platforms can be purchased  from  MMA online store and can be bought for €83.15 .