Creature Box is an illustration studio who are brilliant at creating comic book characters. They also make monsters and this little skull creature is one of those! I found this guy on Instagram, and then Pinterest shortly after, and based on that coincidence and the

Doug shared one of these skull images on our Facebook page and it got a great response so I thought we needed these skulls on our blog for the rest of the world too see. These comic book skull illustrations are Mike Mitchell's take on

These beautiful black-and-white skull illustrations have been created by Chris Odgers, the founder of Sawhorse Books. Chris sent us his work on Facebook and you can see more of his work by visiting his page right over here. About Sawhorse Books: Sawhorse Books is an independent

This skull sticker collection named 'Gums and Roses' was designed by Shaun Oakley, a South African born graphic designer. I spotted these skull stickers on Behance and some of Shaun's other work features skulls too so be sure to have a look at his profile. Shaun,

Skeletor was the arch nemesis to He-Man, the master of the universe. You have to be a hardcore bad-ass to be able to stand the onslaught from the man who harnesses the power of GRAYSKULL. To be honest I'm not sure why it has taken me this long