We have featured the incredible work of Smithe before and yes he is back again. His portfolio has a superb array of highly detailed drawings and a whole treasure trove of skulls. Smithe's signature style definitely has to be

Set Me Free is a series by Jerameel Lu, a Philippines based artist. He has work on Deviant Art too, and this series reminds me of an idea I had to execute a similar style but with actual sculpture. As they say 'nothing is original!'. The

Liking this alternative chiseled skull art by Georgie Seccull. I initially thought it was chiseled into a crumbling wall but now I’m not so sure. Now that I think of it, could possibly be metallic spray paint on eroded/treated foamcore. Either way it looks good. Georgie

We recently found Chad Pierce's skull oil paintings on Instagram and we are definitely big fans of his style. Based in Northern California, Chad sticks to the traditions and techniques of oil painting and realism. His style of painting continues to be influenced by

Otto Da'Ambra, a London-based tattoo and artist, has started to make a name for himself with his stunning etchings. His tattoo work is simply mind-blowing and when transferred onto paper goes it continues to impress. His skull etching's represent some of the best

Dan Schaub‎ a fellow Facebooker and SAS fan sent this to us. It's a real human skull carved and ornamented with 170 gemstone stones including Pink Tourmaline, Welo Ethopian Opal, Almandine Garnet, Rhodolite, African Amethyst, Brazilian Amethyst, Swiss Blue Topaz, Labradorite, Spinel, brass and silver.  I had

We Skelevex this amazing faceted skull design by Skelevex quite a while ago and it’s back again. This time you can buy one of these little boneheads, called ‘Skelevex Bare Bones. I was hoping they would be a little bigger, especially for

This brilliant skull tree carving was sent in by Dino Fazzani, a Skull Society fan, and he was asking for our opinion of this piece of work - naturally we replied saying we loved it and he definitely needs to create more!! Nice one Dino :) send

This tiny little Warthog Tusk Skull was carved by Mark Noll Designs and has been placed on Quarter for scale - Mark, like us, definitely has a healthy obsession with skulls and we love it. Check out Mark's website for more skull-related goodies.   

Like most people with smart phones nowadays I am constantly trawling social media channels but my favourite is definitely Instagram because I find gems like this beautiful skull painting by the talented Kathleen Sanders. You can follow her Instagram here and if you really

  We are more than a little shocked to find that we have yet to feature Jim Skull on The Skull Society. I mean he even has the word ‘skull’ in his name. He also

Joe King, one of the first artists to grace our society's walls, is back again and this time with an even bigger boom. His skull art is impressive and I love his graphic style which particularly works well as posters or straight-up

Medusa Original Artwork by Ben Wills Using a 0.05 fineliner pen on 100 lbs off white smooth paper 15.5 x 15.5 inches Lady Of The Dead - Framed Original Artwork Created by Ben Wills Drawn using ink pen on 100 lbs off white smooth paper. 11.2 x 12 inches (inside of frame) - Ben Wills is

Hand Engraved and Sculpted Silver Mercury Dime coin human SKULL - Hobo nickel by Seth Basista SB carvings. These skull coins are completely hand-carved - they consist of a detailed human skull carving with spine, hammered textured background, and an antique added patina on an authentic silver

We have featured the talents of Steve Locatelli before but it’s time we shared some more. Locatelli is a graffiti/mural artist hailing from Belgium who has a definite flair for skulls. Like I said he is

Title: 'I'm Dead' Size: 23x23x30cm View in the SAS shop. Title: 'Holy Cow' Materials: Real buffalo skull, acrylic paint and collage Size: 90x90x22cm View in the SAS Shop. The exquisite real animal skulls were painted by Violet Bond, Australian-based artist who lives in Maningrida on the coast of

'Ex Morte Vita II' - by Beu Stanton Oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on wood 30 x 30 cm Quantity Left: 1 'Otomi Skull' - By Sylvia Ji Acrylic on wood panel framed  60 x 60 cm Skull (Print) - by HAROSHI Giclee print, Edition 100, signed & numbered 46 x 61 cm 'The Art Of Toshikazu' By