Realistically speaking everyone should own a Skull Key Tool. This wee stainless steel badboy features a scoring point, file, serrated edge, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener (beer of course) and most importantly a good ol skull. Skull Key Tool can be purchased for $9.95 from Cool

We at the Skull Society have been lucky enough to see some incredible skull jewelry but OMG are we in absolute love with Heist. Heist is a label for crafty captains and sultry sirens, beautiful beasts and beastly burdens, lovers, fighters, riders and racers.  They makes stuff

[caption id="attachment_11893" align="aligncenter" width="600"] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] Art altered has the perfect skull gift collections.  Choose between the anatomical designs, day of the dead or sugar skull collections available in personalized and wholesale quantities. Great for party favors, stockings stuffers, wedding or baby showers, family reunions and

These skull rolling pins are the perfect gift for those of you who love a good bake-off. Well, people who like skulls, heavy metal and baking. Although the heavy metal thing is probably BS as skull-loving good people like you don't necessarily have to

The candles were designed by The Jacks, a South Korean-based design team. Their Kickstarter campaign (which has already reached its goal but is still accepting contributions) outlines the journey that their idea took from concept to fabrication. Both candle

Walking skeletons are part of our fun Halloween traditions. Each of these bony characters balances a wine glass to entertain guests at seasonal celebrations. These skeleton wine glasses are available to buy from Pottery Barn. 3.25" diameter, 9.25" high; 13-ounce capacity Skeleton stem is handmade of zinc

We love a good skull and we love a good Kickstarter. This is a realistic skull mug cast in English finest bone china created by Alfred Designs. Using 3d printing of skull scan data & hand modelling to deliver high detail. Fund this skull mug project

Remember Four is a a pocket sculpture, by Kpavio, which incorporates a Breitling watch to remind us that nothing is eternal. "Mors ultima linea rerum est" Death is the last boundary-string of things Th inscription in Latin translates that the pocket watch is protected by the cranes

These x-ray skull cards will definitely add extra mystery to the next poker night and will make you think twice about bluffing. It is slightly unnerving to be able to see through your cards and this would definitely add an extra layer of tension. Each of

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogs! We have been on holiday, moving house, job hunting and it's the British summer so when the sun is out it's hard not to celebrate! This Bubbleskull Lamp, by Hedi Xandt, is like the stuff from

This biting skull bottle opener is hand cast out of bronze, features two skulls, one of which is ready to clamp down on your next bottle cap. Created by Jac Zagoory in collaboration with Adam Davenport. Jac Zagoory Designs is a pen and desk

This is s steering from one of the cars in the latest Mad Max: Fury Road movie. I have yet to see this movie but am really looking forward to it! Funnily enough it's received mixed reviews - there are a lot of haters out

[embed][/embed] One of the hardest things to achieve in life is to do something that you love and get paid for it. And that's what I love about Kickstarter Projects - they make the impossible possible. It gives me great joy to share with you a

Goth Chic Accessories is definitely bring some style back with these unusual skull cuff links. Men in the Victorian era loved to wear macabre and scary accessories to drive away the fear of death. This is their modern interpretation of that old practice, a pair of cuff

Mercurious Designs a specialist jewellery designer and sculptor has a vast amount of beautiful creations from earrings to pendants and through to sculpture. We have selected just a few of their skull designs and would love to make special mention of this amazing

3D printing is starting to revolutionise the way we think and create everything from fashion to weapons, and this revolution just got a whole lot better with this 3d-printed T-rex skull shower head!! Available for download for free from MakerBot's Thingiverse, the T-Rex shower head model

Skull Candles of London produce these life-size skull candles and sell them from their Camden Market stalls (and online of course!). They are London's only supplier of handmade, life-size anatomically correct scented skull candles. The candles burn for up to eight hours and as the candle