These milk jugs take a mysterious journey into becoming milk jug skulls with a little love and heat. The first tutorial shows you how to convert a milk jug into a skull. The last two videos show how you can go one step further by It may not be anywhere near Halloween but that does not mean we can't share a good ol skull makeup tutorial. This particular tutorial has a finished skull aesthetic that is a little different from the norm and more like a snowy skull panda. Looks

Christine's husband left a comment in our contact section with a link to her work and we were happy to do a post about it. Christine Polis does a variety of things including creating dolls, stop-motion puppets and illustrations. Her work has a similar feel

We celebrated Halloween this last weekend, on the 27th, and it was fricken amazing. 5 parties, 1 Night, loads of Halloween costumes and 1 massive hangover. I went as Rude Boy Skeletor while my girlfriend, Sharona, went as Skeletor's Mistress. D2G, the other half of

It's Halloween weekend and we hope you have got your costume ready! We also hope that it includes a skull in some shape or form. I personally have got my character done and dusted - going as gangster-skeletor and will upload some pictures early next

Following on from our Halloween Skull Mask Ideas comes, yes you guessed it, Halloween Skull Face Paint Ideas! I'm writing this before I actually start looking but I'm guessing the majority of designs I find will be Day of the Dead themed and why not,

With Halloween fast approaching it's time to start thinking of some ideas and if you are like us then I'm sure you don't have any yet. So being skull lovers it seems only right that we represent! So here are a few Halloween skull Mask