Skulls represent death and are a sharp reminder of our mortality. Nevertheless, they are much more than that, especially in the creative realm. They depict change and transformation while other cultures associate them with strength and even protection. Without a doubt, skulls have various representations,

We recently found Chad Pierce's skull oil paintings on Instagram and we are definitely big fans of his style. Based in Northern California, Chad sticks to the traditions and techniques of oil painting and realism. His style of painting continues to be influenced by

Dan Schaub‎ a fellow Facebooker and SAS fan sent this to us. It's a real human skull carved and ornamented with 170 gemstone stones including Pink Tourmaline, Welo Ethopian Opal, Almandine Garnet, Rhodolite, African Amethyst, Brazilian Amethyst, Swiss Blue Topaz, Labradorite, Spinel, brass and silver.  I had

Tim Tadder's hauntingly beautiful photo series, Las Muertas, pays tribute to the Day of the Dead. The choice of skull-painted women pays subtle homage to the festival’s Aztec roots where Mictecacihuatl, the goddess of the underworld, was worshipped. Mictecacihuatl became the

Medusa Original Artwork by Ben Wills Using a 0.05 fineliner pen on 100 lbs off white smooth paper 15.5 x 15.5 inches Lady Of The Dead - Framed Original Artwork Created by Ben Wills Drawn using ink pen on 100 lbs off white smooth paper. 11.2 x 12 inches (inside of frame) - Ben Wills is

  [embed][/embed] The Beautiful Death: Printed Edition book, available from our skull shop and Illustrated Monthly,  features Beautiful Death Books 1, 2 & 3 plus newly designed additional images. It consists of 88 pages of Royalty-Free ornate death images assembled by Pale Horse and ships from the

Title: 'I'm Dead' Size: 23x23x30cm View in the SAS shop. Title: 'Holy Cow' Materials: Real buffalo skull, acrylic paint and collage Size: 90x90x22cm View in the SAS Shop. The exquisite real animal skulls were painted by Violet Bond, Australian-based artist who lives in Maningrida on the coast of

THE VALDARO LOVERS necklace is a hand-carved original piece, created by Blue Bayer, was inspired by a recent archeological find. A collector of my work actually turned me onto this image. It's really compelling. " Love you to death

Black Baroque have been kind enough to donate some of their amazing skull-shaped magnets for the prize we are giving away at Celebrabis Vitae, the upcoming skull art exhibition which is opening next week on the 31st October 2014. One lucky winner will be chosen on the

This image was sent to us by a Facebook fan. Initially I thought it was part of the Punisher franchise because the skull inside the eye looks like that design but upon researching it, through Google's amazing image finder, I found out it is the

In this very special grave at the Brugge General Cemetery, there is buried Antoine Michel Wemaer (1768 - 1837), a merchant from Bruges, Belgium. His Tombstone is a moss-covered skull and cross bones which appears to be crying out. It's a solemn reminder about what awaits all of us

James Bareham, a New York-based photographer and part of The New Cruelty studio, created Bodies & Skulls, a series of still-life images of preserved bodies, skulls and various internal organs. I wonder if Street Anatomy has spotted these yet, as they would be the perfect fit on that blog.

Rico the Zombie, or Rick Genest, is a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Lasalle, Montreal. He became famous because of his unique skeleton tattoo's which cover his whole body, including a full skull. Before he got any tattoos he was diagnosed with a

German-born artist, Hedi Xandt, created these beautiful "skull-ptures" using a variety of materials. The skull-ptures combine the aesthetics of naturally shaped bone with state-of-the-art and experimental production techniques. Why haven't we blogged about these before?!  This is macabre, interesting and frightening all the same time. Enjoy!

I saw this amazing post on 40 must-see photos from the past and spotted this anti-malaria warning message. The advertisement is for Atabrine, an anti-malaria drug, which was sold in in Papua, New Guinea during WWII. Skulls have always been an icon for death and