Carved Skulls by Zane Wylie – NEW TO SHOP

We’re happy to welcome the arrival of our newest SAS artist to our skull shop – Zane Wylie. The carved skulls are museum quality heavy cast resin and marble dust reproduction of the real human skull that was carved by Zane. The mold was crafted by Chris Erney Master Artisan and Mold maker.

What I love about these is that every skull has it’s own unique story, from Thor to a Celtic Warrior and from a Mermain Queen to a Templar Knight, each is created using these historic characters.

Each piece is £150 and comes signed with a certificate of authenticity. They are shipped worldwide from the US. Please double check postage costs before placing your order.

View Zane’s Carved Skulls Now.


CELTIC WARRIOR – Vercingetorix was a chieftain of the Arverni tribe; he united the Gauls in a revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesars’s Gallic Wars.Mermaid_Queen Mermaid_Queen.jpg_1

MERMAID QUEEN – During the great Gallic Wars the Queen mourned the loss of her husband the warrior king, and stayed watch over the seas until he would come from the mists to take her home with him.

It was not known if her King did ever come for her but one of the villagers said he saw her dissolve into the mists almost as if she had become them.
Russian_Sea_Captain_1 Russian_Sea_Captain_2

RUSSIAN SEA CAPTAIN – This skull honors the bitter hard life of Russian Sea captains. Vadim Konyashev grew up on the bow of his father’s ship where he learned the payment for hard work was being able to take I another breath of the salty Laptev sea.

The sea can drive a man mad and fighting off mutiny, starvation and the bone-biting East Siberian Sea winds either cold forge you into a man of iron or they slice you up like chum and throw you out the stern (the back of the ship for you “land lubbers”).


TEMPLAR KNIGHT – This piece was created to honor family lineage that aided the Templar Knights and hid treasures for them. The skull has very detailed carvings that contain modern and ancient Templar symbolism as well as Masonic imagery.

The original piece contains an authentic piece of Templar currency from the 1100s

Thor_Skull_1 Thor_Skull_3

THOR SKULL – The skull features a tribute to Thor and Viking heritage. With dragons on each side and the Midgard Serpent biting it’s tail this replica is sure to be the envy of anyone’s collection.

View Zane’s Carved Skulls Now.