CandyCherep's Eco Friendly Handmade Skulls

beautiful handmade skull
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CandyCherep is a Bulgarian collective of artists who create hand-made Skulls (Cherep means skull in Bulgarian BTW!) from eco-friendly materials. They even plant a tree every time someone buys one of their skulls so you are literally saving the planet with your skull-loving purchases. Each skull sculpture is custom-made to order, hand-crafted and hand-painted.

This extract is taken from their websites and highlight their passion for their eco-creative-conceptual living: “The choice of being responsible for Mother nature, to respect, love and keep the Earth green and clean; to make it a better place for our children – is only ours to make. With our cause we are fighting for nature preservation. We are trying to inspire and incite the developing of people’s inner senses, of their ability to take responsibility and to improve themselves as a caring and active people who won’t ignore or stay indifferent to nature’s balance.” 

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