Bulbing Skull Lamp

optical illusion skull lamp


Nir Chehanoswki, from Studio Cheha, came up with a brilliant lamp design named “Bulbing.”  It tricks your eyes with a clever optical illusion and of course we were drawn to because of the skull lamp design. When I’m rich and famous I’m ordering 10.

Bulbing’s round base emanates light through a thin slit. Simply place one of provided 2D changeable acrylic glass shapes on it and watch the light create a 3D light illusion.

These guys have also created a Kickstarter project which has way over exceeded the goal – Nice one gents – This extract is taken from the Kickstater page which you can pledge to over here: “Introducing BULBING, a 2D LED lamp that forces you to rethink your everyday objects and raise a smile. Before scientific and technological breakthroughs, many believed the world was flat. Now, thanks to these two forces the world is in fact becoming considerably flatter, at least in the land of product design!”

If you wanted to check out their Facebook page, you’re welcome.