Brownister Hen – Resin Skulls

These small resin skulls are created by Brownister Hen and are entitled Waste. The name is derived from the process in creating these skulls as the waste is the left over resin from his paintings (last image) that is then poured into a mould, creating these one of a kind skulls. These skulls are then sanded and polished. If they turn out well, they are sold, if not, they are pulverized and reused in the painting process.

What is even more remarkable is Brownister Hen’s life story as not only did he lose his parents in a boating accident that left him permanently disfigured with 3rd degree burns but he was miraculously saved by a passing boat. He was 8 years old. You can read the rest of his story here.

These resin skulls are available to buy from his website, they measure 7x5x5, created from resin and pigment, (cm I assume) for $40-$60.

resin skulls resin skulls resin skulls brownister-hen-resin-skull-4 brownister-hen-resin-skull-5 brownister-hen-resin-skull-6