Brenton Bostwick and his Nightmares

Flower-and-Skull-Study Beaver_Skull Brenton_Bostwick_translinguistic-rams-skull1 Brenton-Bostwick-Orchid-Skull cat_skull_by_brentonbostwick

Upon first visiting the website of Brenton Bostwick I’m greeted by  a solitary figure sitting at a high work bench, surrounded by carpentry tools. There is order. It is normal. Skip to his sculptures and all of a sudden you are in the realm of nightmares.

I have included two of these sculptures, both of which have skulls (cat and beaver I believe), to show you what I mean. Alas these grotesque works are not the reason he is here on SAS. Brenton Bostwick is here for some fine looking skull paintings. You can tell there are strong similarities between his layered scultures and the layered texturing in his paintings.

I think, over time, these two forms of art will meet together to create something wholly new, more than it is now.The result will be slightly macabre and completely amazing. Just imagine a large 3D skull in the  style of his current sculptures.

Originally found on Skullspiration