Bone Beneath – Two Toed Sloth Skull

This time the skull belongs to our sleepy friend the Two Toed Sloth. It is yet another skull that looks out of sorts with the owner. I mean look at those gnashers!

As you will know by now the Two Toed Sloth is the world’s slowest mammal. So slow that algae even grows on their fur coats. They sleep up 15-20 hours a day, suffice to say that’s marginally more than your average teenager. I’m not entirely sure why their teeth are so sharp as all they eat is leaves, shoots and fruit. Could be the photo but maybe the teeth are simply long for stripping branches and the top is an angled molar. Maybe someone more enlightened will let us know.

Two Toed Sloths can be found in Central and Southern America though this skull can be purchased from Bone Clones. You can read more about this interesting creature on National Geographic.