Bone Beneath – Javan Rhino Skull


javanrhino_Gursharan_SinghLooking to expand our knowledge of skulls, we have decided to branch out a little more. Thus we are creating a series called Bone Beneath. This will cover all skulls from humans to goats, lizards to pretty parrots. First up in the series is the Javan Rhino Skull.

We first stumbled across this amazing looking skull in Simon Winchesters ‘SKULLS’ book. This book will be will massively assist us in creating this series. It’s simply packed with beautiful skulls from simple to downright weird.

Unfortunately the Javan Rhino  is critically endangered and is locally extinct in some areas where it once roamed. Poaching has been the downfall of this beautiful creature. It’s unbelievable how they are poached for their horns for use in traditional Chinese medicine. It is scientifically proven that the horns keratin (the same material as your nails) has zero medicinal value. The Rhino’s are dying for nothing.

The name Javan is derived from the species location, that being of Java. Java is the 4th largest country of Indonesia. This Rhino is closely related to the Indian and Sumatran Rhino, both known for their armour like flesh.

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Photo by Gursharan Singh