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I’m very pleased to announce the inclusion of Blue Bayer to our online Skull Shop! Blue Bayer is a true skull artist and creates a variety of jewellery using a mixture of materials. I love the product shots and the diversity of his pieces. His work is raw and has a certain grittiness to it which I love – as opposed to high street jewellery which is all shiny and fancy, and generic and shit if you ask me.

Blue Bayer’s collection includes the likes of lockets, cuff-links, belt buckles, necklaces, bottle stoppers and sculptures.

Visit Blue Bayer’s Profile on the Skull Shop now.

More about the artist:

Blue Bayer is a self taught New York-based artisan. He has traveled the world living solely from his work for the past 20 years. A seasoned street artist he cut his teeth selling on the streets of Key West to San Francisco and Europe to New York.

Blue was deeply influenced by his upbringing on the edge of the coal field wastes of Western Pennsylvania. He spent his boyhood hunting and fishing the vast tracks outside the family home.

Visit Blue Bayer’s Profile on the Skull Shop now.