Black Rhinoceros Skull

Originally from South Africa I have had the opportunity to see this beautiful creature in it’s natural habitat before. They are truly amazing creatures, they have a peaceful nature and are truly a sight to behold in the African bush, and not in my garden, which is a common misconception us South Africans have to rectify when travelling to different countries. The picture of the rhino skull is that of a black rhinoceros, with the other type of rhino being a white rhino.

Unfortunately the rhino has been added to the critically endangered species list, the highest category for animals that are close to being extinct. They now face a fight for survival as they are targeted by poachers for their horns as they contain ivory, a valuable commodity which is still traded today, most of it on the black market. Because of this the western black rhinoceros is extinct as of 2011.

There are many ways you can help, even if you just donate some money to a charity to help them combat poaching or give them the resources they need to create safe enclosures for rhino’s to breed and hopefully stay with us on this amazing planet. I have included some pictures of rhino’s in the wild to hopefully show you some of their beauty.

Some links, if you wanted to help:

The Rhino Orphanage
Save the Rhino

Rhino skull