Black and White Skull Drawings

Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_5 Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_4

Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_1 Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_3 Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_2

These black and white skull drawings by Ivan Kamargio are simply lovely. I think the skull and rhino are rather more poignant considering the current dire circumstances that have befell these majestic beasts. These drawings were a part of his first solo exhibition, where he focused on the importance of all the small details that go into creating an elaborate piece.

Ivan is from Mexico and created all these skull drawings with pencil on paper. It’s his use of line and texture that transforms a simple ‘pencil drawing’ into something far more impressive

Originally found on Scene 360