Bird Skull Illustrations by Tillman Project

A wee while ago a good friend of mine, Cheese Ape, sent me some beautiful bird skull illustrations by Clint Reid. Basically, this fella can draw pretty damn well and through the Tillman Project he shares, explains and sells his various illustrations. His illustration make their appearance on various mediums like prints, t-shirts and originals.

Clint describes himself as  a “maker” which is a good thing for us as what he makes is darn interesting. These bird skull Illustrations would make for some really great tattoos, well, I’m sure they have already somewhere.

Some links to check out (few more skulls dotted about): Store, Website and Behance

The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_3 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_4 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_1 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_5 The_Tillman_Project_Bird_Skull_Illustrations_2