Bearded Skull Rocks

bearded skull

There has been much talk of beards as of late and frankly I tire from it. First they are awesome and super great for attracting ladies, which I know to be true by the way, and then science reckons that now that every Tom, Dick and hipster have beards it is less appealing to the opposite sex. Personally I like a women with a beard so not sure where they are getting their info because it’s obviously wrong.

People that can’t grow beards get jealous and people that can are now taking the piss so there is massive beard saturation happening especially in the hipster areas. There needs to be a balance! I am not shaving mine off, partly because I don’t have a jaw line and shaving seriously sucks.

So I say LONG LIVE THE BEARD. I sourced this bearded skull image from an interesting looking website called Bearded Gospel Men.