Skull Bliss – Balinese Skull Carvings

tribal_2_-_1_large Balinese Skull Carvings tribal_1_antique_-_1_large Balinese Skull Carvings horse_tribal_2_-_3_large Balinese Skull Carvings horse_-_buddha_3_large horse_-_tribal_1_-_3_large Balinese Skull Carvings Dragon_Fight_Antique_-_2_large horse_-_buddha_1_large Cow_skull_with_buffalo_horns_-_tribal_6_-4_large Cow_skull_with_buffalo_horns_-_tribal_4_large cow_skull_-_tribal_6_-_4_large cow_skull_-_tribal_5_-3_large

One of our favourite forms of skull decoration definitely has to be the superb Balinese skull carvings. This time these carvings comes from the online gallery of Skull Bliss.

Skull Bliss has an assortment of amazing skull carvings ranging from cow skulls, buffalo skulls and ram skulls. Each are wonderfully hand carved with some nice photography showing each pieces amazing detail.

The prices for the cow skulls are some of best we have seen at about $179. The larger buffalo skulls are $350, ram skulls are $250-$290 and Horse skulls are $290.

We truly believe every home should have one of these amazing Balinese skull carvings.

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